Monday, April 15, 2013

European Charter of rights of older people in long term care

Within the recent debate around the need of a new convention for the rights of older persons, various regional and local initiatives flourish in an attempt to promote rights of older persons.
One such new initiative is the; "European Charter of the Rights and Responsibilities of Older People in need of long-term care and assistance".
The aim of the Charter is to complement and support the charters and other
measures which are already implemented in some countries of the European
Union and not to replace them. The Charter also aims to raise awareness
among a wider public, to stress the rights of the increasing number of
people receiving long-term care, and to foster best practices in Member
States and beyond. These rights are not fully respected today but our
ambition is to fulfi l them.
In this way the Charter aims to become a reference document setting out
the fundamental principles and rights that are needed for the wellbeing of all
those who are dependent on others for support and care due to age, illness
or disability.
Here is the link to the full text: